Our Story

Our Story

Our story starts with our name, the name Ashlee is for our owner Ashlee Chambers. Tyler is Ashlee's only son, hence the name Ashlee Tyler & Co.   Ashlee her husband Tommy, Tyler and their three dogs (Ace, Zoey and Delilah) live in Roanoke, VA. Ashlee and Tommy were both born and raised in Roanoke, VA.

A little bit about Tyler, he is an athletic teenager, who plays baseball, basketball and golf. Tyler is an excellent student and he is currently into collecting sneakers. 

When Ashlee envisioned her dream of owning her own boutique she knew that it had to be unique in every way.  

So Ashlee chose to partner with small businesses that are either women owned or family owned. Supporting and helping other women throughout her career has always been a priority. Her background started in retail and evolved into digital marketing over the years. Throughout her career she has worked to help get women jobs, or promoted.

Exceptional quality is a priority and will not be compromised as Ashlee is a perfectionist in everything she does. 

You will notice this with your first order. The experience begins with each item wrapped in tissue paper, tied with jute and sealed with an AT&Co. label.

Once you open your item you will notice the quality of the fabric and the quality of the jewelry. At Ashlee Tyler & Co. we want every time you open a package from us to feel like Christmas morning!

While shopping on our site you will notice that the items are each named after women in Ashlee's family along with some close friends. We feel that most are not born with great taste and style, but it is developed over time and influence.  Ashlee has been very fortunate to have some incredible women in her life, so she decided to pay tribute to them by naming the items in her store after them. 

The most influential woman in Ashlee's life was her Mom, Kathy.  Ashlee definitely got her love for fashion and design from her Mom. Kathy had the most exceptional taste and an eye for home design. Kathy lost her long battle with breast cancer in 2018. In honor of her Mom, Ashlee Tyler & Co. has the option at checkout to donate to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer research.  Kathy was only 62 when she passed. We are helping to keep her memory alive and a cure to be found by donating 10% of our monthly sales to breast cancer research.

At Ashlee Tyler & Co. we feel that everyone has a story to tell with their style and we would like to help you write yours! We know that our beautiful clothing and accessories can help you tell your story.


Ashlee & Tyler Chambers 


Ashlee Tyler & Co.